Richard Adusu

Richard Adusu, born 1983, lives and works in Greater Accra – Ghana (West Africa).
He refers to his style of painting as «spontaneous realism / impressionism».
Adusu is a contemporary artist, who considers his art to be emerging from the dynamic of the moment, enabling him to strikingly capture immediate reality.
The observer is able to palpably feel the free movements of his strokes.
Adusu’s technique was initially derived from the army camouflage patterns and keeps progressing into semi-abstraction.
He applies the paint very thickly and with freedom (impasto technique).
Richard Adusu mostly paints on a black background canvas in order to create the awareness of the correlation and harmony between light and darkness.
Adusu has had many exhibitions and his paintings have been collected by many dignitaries locally and internationally, including the First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Rebecca Akuffo Addo.
He states:
Anything I put on canvas is the Light as the background is the Dark (Black). Dark is Mystery and Light is Revelation.
Black is deep and it projects any color that is placed on it. I believe all colours came out of black.
I believe my talent is given to me by the Almighty Creator to impart positivity into humanity.